Friday, 29 June 2012

Bloodlines (book)

OMG just finished reading bloodlines by Richelle Mead, it is AMAZING!!!
If you havent already read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead you should because it is also AMAZING!!
I think Abe is hilarious, but I absolutly HATE Keith, how could he do that to Sydneys sister??
When i read about what Keith did I just wanted to punch him in the face haha :)
Anyone else thinking Syndney might have a thing for Adrian? I mean she got him into Keiths apartment when Keith left, shes paying for his art classes.... she seems to care about him alot...
I cant believe what happended with Lee, he seemed so nice, and Jill really liked him, and he really liked Jill, it was a huge bombshell when **spoiler alert** when he revealed his plans of becoming strigoi once again, and then he died, so sad.
Jill and Adrian are shadowkissed!!! OMG!! I kinda feel bad for Jill, I mean she has put up with all Adrians drinking and hangovers and sleazy habits... but does anyone else think Sydney may be changing Adrian for the better? is there newly found love? of course Sydney would never fall in love with a vampire, but theres always a chance, right?
Can't wait for The Golden Lilly!!! I would love to hear your thoughts about Bloodlines :)
happykittytwinkle ;)

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